2020 Winners

First Place: Bigger than a Breadbox – directed by Mitch Yapko (United States)
Second Place: Grandma/Obāchan – directed by Cora Hasegawa (United States)
Third Place: One Bedroom, One Bath – directed by Mischa Livingstone (United States)
Fourth Place: Buried Treasure – directed by Alex Fabry (United States)
Audience Choice: Bless me, Father – directed by Boubkar Benzabat (France)

The following additional films were chosen for the July 18, 2020 film screening: (listed in alphabetical order):
Ascension – directed by Anaïs Honvault Zborowski and Bob Fokoua (France)
By Any Other Name – directed by Peter Kimball (United States)
Classified – directed by Eric Pace (United States)
Department 666 – directed by Adam York (United States)
Diary of a Teenage Zealot – directed by Megan Liz Smith (United States)
Egg on your Face – directed by Joshua Parkhill (United States)
EMBRACES & The Touch of Skin – directed by Sara Koppel (Denmark)
garage – directed by Michael P. Jahoda (United States)
Layover – directed by Olivier Frigon (Canada)
Level Seven – directed by J.W. Cox (United States)