2019 Winners

First Place: The Drive – directed by Adam Thomas Wright and Tom Carty (United Kingdom)
Second Place: I’M SORRY – directed by Marcellus Cox (United States)
Third Place: How It Feels to be Hungover – directed by Viktor Hertz (Sweden)
Fourth Place: The Marksman – directed by Conor Healy (Ireland)
Honorable Mention: The Briefcase – directed by Matt Mitchell and Brian Wallace (United States)
Honorable Mention: Family – directed by David L. Bradburn (United States)
Honorable Mention: I’m Sorry – directed by Gabriel Galand (Canada)
Honorable Mention: Panic Attack! – directed by Eileen O’Meara (United States)
Audience Choice Award: In Trans – directed by Edit Jakab (United States)

The following additional films were chosen for the July 20, 2019 film screening: (listed in alphabetical order):
after. – directed by Allee Stone
Ben & Josh: In This Together – directed by Jeff Madzia (United States; not eligible for competition)
Coins Only – directed by Anthony Faust (United States)
Game Time – directed by Paul Hickert (United States)
Go Away I Like You Too Much by The Simple Carnival – directed by Jeff Boller (United States)
Hitler’s Parking Lot – directed by Ian Johnston (Canada)
Rendville: Across the Color Line – directed by Burr Beard (United States)