2018 Winner: Second Place

.tibbar (2018) – Germany

Two drunk guys hit a homeless man with their car. Full of panic, they get out of the vehicle to check the bloody wound on the stranger’s head. His condition seems to be worse than they thought…

Director Antoine Matuttis (21) from Freiburg, Germany, is currently a student at the university of Offenburg. So far, Antoine has made short films in the role of the producer, writer and director.

“So far, I have made four short films, two of them in German, one without dialogue, and my latest film ‘.tibbar’ is my first short in English. It was the first time I tried to make a comedy movie, which has been a great challenge for me, because I never thought I’d be good at making a funny film.

A lot of my inspiration came from directors like Paul Greengrass , who approaches movies in a more realistic way, with a style similar to documentaries. In general, I also love movies like ‘The Neon Demon’ by Nicolas Winding Refn, which are visually stunning.”