In a Word

2018 Festival Official Selection

In a Word (2018) – Canada

An awkward meeting on a park bench shows two strangers the potential emotion of every single word they speak.

Born in Newfoundland, Canada — Director Glen Doyle has been writing in various mediums for almost 30 years, and has seen his works both published and produced. Glen wrote his first feature film “Sometimes a Hero” (Cold Vengeance U.S. DVD Title) in 2001, and “The Circuit” in 2002. The success of The Circuit prompted demands from international buyers for “Circuit 2” and “Circuit 3.”

In 2012 and 2013, he wrote and directed his own stage play, “Land of the Eternals,” which premiered as the season opener for the prestigious RHCPA Theater.

In 2016, Glen directed, produced and starred in his first film, the short drama, “Just a Beer,” and he also had other short film scripts produced, “The Use of Deadly Force” and “Lots of Voluntary Effort.”

In 2018, Glenn wrote and directed the stage play “Something Lovedm” which debuted at the London Fringe Festival.

He is also a published author – his non-fiction book “The Martial Artists Way” was a bestseller in Canada and published by HarperCollins. His children’s book “Laffnatter” is available on Amazon – as well as his graphic novel “Law of the Paw.”