For the Birds

2018 Festival Official Selection

For the Birds (2017) – USA

A weathered everyman builds birdhouses to pass the time, but when a tarantula makes its nest in one of his precious homes, the man determines to get rid of it even if it means destroying the creations he loves.

Having two deaf parents, Director Eric Emma grew up between both hearing and non-hearing cultures and became an insider and outsider to both, which fuels his passion for storytelling. A multi-talented filmmaker and writer, Eric has created visual stories for film, web, and new media formats. Graduating from Tisch NYU with a M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing, Eric has written for the popular story apps “Hooked” and “Episode.” In addition, he helped produce the award-winning documentary, “Between the Shades,” which promotes cultural awareness about the LGBTQI community. He’s an associate producer at Verse Interactive and a teacher at the International Center of Photography. He also currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Venus Theater on the Air, which will launch in Fall 2018.