Fitzgerald-Poster2017 Fourth Quarter Winner and Honorable Mention 2017 Overall Winner

Fitzgerald (2017) – USA

Years after the end of their relationship, famous photographer Phil Fitzgerald is visited by an enigmatic woman who changes his life forever.

Director Josh Kirkland was raised on a steady diet of movies, music videos, and novels. Growing up, he wrote and drew his own comic books before moving on to short films and art projects in middle and high school. In college, he pursued his passion for storytelling and applied to film school, where he worked on over thirty short films, multiple commercials, and a feature film. Now graduated from film school, Josh continues to tell stories in any form, with multiple film projects on the horizon.

“Fitzgerald is my thesis film, the culmination of everything I learned in my time at film school. It’s a story about responsibility, fatherhood, and baklava. I was incredibly fortunate to have some wonderful people lend me their time, effort, and considerable talents to bring this story to life. I hope you enjoy it!”