Last Call Lenny

2017 Third Quarter Winner and 1st Place 2017 Overall Winner

Last Call Lenny (2016) – United States

Lenny Upton combines euthanasia with his used furniture business to provide suicide assistance to melancholy customers with a death wish. Armed with a briefcase full of weapons and an eye for antiques, he custom designs a personalized death experience for his one-time clients. All sales are final in this short film that takes a darkly comedic evaluation of the value of life and used furniture.


Julien Lassuer – Director, Executive Producer, and Editor. Growing up with documentary filmmaker parents, Julien began working in film at age 15. After graduating from the Art History and Visual Arts program at Occidental College, Julien began a 3-year apprenticeship with cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC. Since then, Julien has made a successful living as a freelance commercial Director / Cinematographer. His short documentary films The Thingmaker (2013), Brendan O’Connell Is Blocking The Bread Aisle (2013), and From Under The Rust (2014) have been exhibited in film festivals across the country, such as Camden International, Heartland, and Mill Valley, among others. Julien received two Vimeo Staff Picks for these shorts. In the fall of 2014, out of over 5,000 submissions, Julien made it to the top 10 finalists in Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s HBO Project Greenlight director competition. Julien’s directorial clients include JBL, Samsung, VICE, AKG, Volvo, and Ford, among others.